Authentic design that tells your story.

Faye Fern Creative is a bespoke design, planning, and production house. While we're based in LA and NYC, our team of seasoned destination creatives travel the world for our clients, and have realized projects all over the globe.

We are experience curators who specialize in high touch, understated, and effortlessly distinctive weddings and events. Our passion is rooted in helping clients express themselves with elevated flair.

The Faye Fern aesthetic is a unique composite of beauty that is sophisticated, sculptural, and a little bit wild. Warm minimalism, stemming from a sun-kissed élan, lies at the root of our intimate designs. Our concepts are romantic, but filtered through an organic and modern lens.

With an attuned awareness for what's timeless yet special, distinct and yet universally charming, we create meaningful storytelling moments for clients who enjoy the finer things in life.


Who we are...

Wedding Design + Planning
Event Production

You find timeless elegance alluring but also enjoy a unique editorial touch.

You want the design of your events and spaces to feel luxurious, warm, and beautiful - a haven for connecting with your loved ones and creating special lifelong memories.

We are a design and production house for the aesthetically conscious who savor joy and value meaningful moments in life. Our designs are art inspired by the clients they are based on. If you'd like to be our muse for our next creation, let's chat!

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Natalie and the team at Faye Fern Creative did all the planning and design work for me and my wife's wedding this past month, and they did a PHENOMENAL job. Natalie's talent for designing and creating a timeless beautiful aesthetic is second to none. Her taste is impeccable, she has an attention to detail that you will deeply respect, and she will help you create a cohesive design that will have you and your guests blown away. From the ceremony design all the way down to the drapes and the cutlery, Natalie has a keen eye for creating a gorgeous yet comfortable/welcoming design. Everything she does is tasteful and creates that special atmosphere that makes a wedding so unforgettable and emotional. She will definitely help bring your vision to life. Lastly, I want to comment on Natalie's work ethic and dedication. From the first call we had with her all the way to the end of the wedding, I could trust that Natalie and her team were doing EVERYTHING in their power to make our wedding weekend the most special few days possible. Natalie has a deep passion for the work she does, and she will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life. Our wedding day was easily one of the greatest days of our lives, and that was in large part due to Natalie and her team's amazing work and preparation.

Andy Yeganegi, LA + Santa Barbara

I am endlessly grateful that I booked Natalie for our wedding. I feel so fortunate that she is in our lives and designed the most unimaginably beautiful wedding for us. Not only was our wedding more stunning, special, and unique than we could have hoped for, it was also flawlessly executed from start to finish. Everyone was so impressed with how seamlessly the day came together and with all the charming details at every turn. The venue told us it was one of the most gorgeous weddings they had ever had there. Throughout the process, Natalie kept coming up with ideas to make the wedding more meaningful to us and our guests. We felt that she truly understood who we were and our needs. She was incredibly patient with us all year and always kept her cool. We are incredibly lucky because we cannot imagine our wedding day without her involved!

Anna Cohen, Hudson Valley

Our wedding was perfect in every way because of Natalie and I am beyond grateful for the countless hours she put in to planning, designing and contracting to ensure we felt that way. Our venue was beautiful in itself and Natalie’s design truly elevated it. The tables were stunning (multiple people commented on it) without being over the top. The best part about working with Natalie was how calm she always was.  I know behind the scenes she was working a ton but she never let on and never transferred any of that stress. I was able to show up on my wedding day without a care in the world because I had the utmost confidence she had taken care of everything. There was no better feeling than being able to be present and celebrate with my new husband and all of our family and friends.

Ashleigh Forsell,  Australia + New York

Working alongside Natalie from Faye Fern Creative has been an absolute joy, and I have no doubt that her future clients will be thrilled with the level of creativity, expertise, and professionalism she brings to everything she designs and plans. Her kindness and attentive, high touch approach make clients feel supported throughout the entire process.

Natalie engages in every project with an acute attention to detail, unwavering dedication to her craft, and commitment to the extraordinary. From concept to execution, she has an innate ability to translate the unique personalities of her clients into cohesive and stunning designs. With Faye Fern Creative at the helm, I trust that your most special day will be both beautiful and captivating.

Valorie Darling Photography

Honestly, everything was a dream. So the day of, when we arrived at the venue, we were like, "What?! This is our wedding?!?!" It was unbelievable. The styling choices from Natalie, our planner, of furniture rentals to the tablecloths, forks and candles was so, so beautiful.

Duan Mackenzie, LA + NYC

Natalie becomes your wedding bestie from the second you meet her. She is warm, kind, and instantly makes you feel cared about - all while being incredibly professional and stellar at what she does.  She has a natural instinct for understanding her clients' style, which made her designs feel completely aligned with our vision every step of the way. She comes up with these mindblowing ideas that you can't help falling in love with, because it's like what you dreamed about - only 100 times better than you could have ever imagined! Her team was also wonderfully organized and just the sweetest. They'll feel like your friends too by the end of it all! We felt heard, cared for, and well guided, and never had a doubt that we were in the most excellent hands.

Jen Clark, Colorado

What can we say? Natalie knocked it out of the park and we could not recommend anyone more highly. The first wedding planner we hired let us down so we had some trust issues going into this, but very quickly after we started working with Natalie, we found ourselves just saying YES to everything because she was killing it. She is a gifted artist and her designs are exquisite! Our vendors, family, and friends also loved working with Natalie and her team, and our only regret was not booking her from the start. My (now) wife and I couldn't believe how easy everything felt once Natalie came on board. She never even blinked when we had to make a major change in plans due to family issues, and handled everything while keeping us on track with the same timeline. To say that she exceeded all expectations is to put it lightly. 

Steven Lee, Los Angeles

Natalie, what a treat it was to work with you this year! Truly, such a highlight of 2023. Thank you for creating such an amazing day and letting us flower up your gorgeous designs. You and the whole Faye Fern Creative team are a delight to design with!

Going Steady Studios, Los Angeles