Every wedding is designed to craft a one-of-a-kind and timeless moment.


"Working alongside Natalie from Faye Fern Creative has been an absolute joy, and I have no doubt that her future clients will be thrilled with the level of creativity, expertise, and professionalism she brings to everything she designs and plans. Her kindness and attentive, high touch approach make clients feel supported throughout the entire process." 

- Valorie Darling Photography

Designing and planning vibrant cultural + multicultural weddings has become one of our fortes. Modern aesthetics blend with tradition to illuminate profound expressions of love. Our team deeply appreciates the rich traditions that make these weddings so special, and our expertise lies in weaving together diverse design elements, complex customs, and cultural legacies. 

Our heritage has played a pivotal role in shaping our nuanced approach, and each of us has had a multicultural wedding of our own. Natalie and Daniel had a Singaporean/Jewish wedding in Sedona; Taylor, a Nigerian/Western wedding in Palm Springs; and Eugenia, an Italian Catholic/Vietnamese Buddhist wedding in Italy - all of us having experienced the unique challenges of merging cultures and an accompanying lack of robust resources within the American/western wedding industry.

We bring to the table our unique perspectives and years of experience planning extraordinary cultural weddings including Persian, Jewish, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Singaporean, Indonesian, Filipino, Mexican, Bolivian, Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and Nigerian celebrations.

We seek to honor the heritage of all our couples by crafting meaningful and visually stunning experiences in harmony with their cultural rituals. To create events that transcend divides, and celebrate love authentically and fearlessly.

Multicultural + Cultural Weddings

"What a treat it was to work with you this year! Truly, such a highlight of 2023. Thank you for creating such an amazing day and letting us flower up your gorgeous designs. The whole Faye Fern Creative team are a delight to design with!"