This includes your very special day and all weekend experiences like the welcome party, rehearsal dinner, farewell brunch, and any special ancillary events. 

Don't have a location for your wedding yet? We offer venue scouting to match your vision and ideal guest experience.

Other add-on services include welcome bag design, stationery design, bridal shower and bach party planning, hotel block management, travel arrangements, and more.

Every detail is conceptualized and developed in-house, ensuring full customization and cohesiveness throughout the process. From sourcing world-class chefs and entertainers to delighting the crowd with fire dancers as the sun goes down - we create unforgettable experiences and invite your guests to step into a world of elegance, creativity, and sophistication.  

The Weekend

Wedding Weekend
Design + Planning

  • Almost everything. Our most bespoke package offers limitless possibilities for the discerning client.

  • Design, full concept, planning, and production for your wedding day, as well as every wedding weekend event.

  • Unlimited emails, phone calls, and meetings as needed.

  • Development and management of your wedding budget.

  • You will receive a 40+ page design lookbook for your wedding day, as well as separate design lookbooks for each ancillary event (e.g. rehearsal dinner, welcome party, pool party). 

  • Renderings, mock ups, and schematics.

  •  Vendor selections, negotiations, booking, and management.

  • Creation and execution of your entire wedding weekend timeline, including production timelines for setup days.

  • Custom layouts and floorplans for each venue and event.

  • Aside from a planner, designer, and producer, you will also have a full styling and coordinating team.

What's Included



Wedding Day

For couples who are having a Wedding Day rather than a whole weekend of events, we offer the same level of service for your big day as well.

We don't always call ourselves Wedding Planners (an industry title we don't necessarily agree with) because we don't just "plan" your wedding - we're your designers, producers, planners, stylists, consiglieres, and your new best friend.

It's our job to know our couples and anticipate your needs every step of the way. So, when we build your entire event from the ground up and craft your guest experience, we can ensure that your day is not only aesthetically stunning and authentically YOU - but that every detail is purposeful and designed with intention.

We create meaningful works of art centered around a special time in your life, with you as our muse. Our clients get to sip champagne, stress-free, and enjoy their engagement while we take care of all the details!

Wedding Day
Design + Planning

  • Fully customizable single day package for your luxury wedding

  • Unlimited emails, phone calls, and meetings as needed.

  • Design, full concept, planning, and production for your wedding day

  • Development and management of your wedding budget.

  • You will receive a 40+ page design lookbook, renderings, schematics, and mock ups.

  •  Vendor selections, negotiations, booking, and management.

  • Creation and execution of your entire wedding day timeline.

  • Custom venue layout and floorplan.

  • Aside from a planner, designer, and producer, you will also have a full styling and coordinating team.

What's Included


If you desire a stronger role in your planning process but would still love some extra design magic to make your wedding truly extraordinary... This one is for you.

In a nutshell, this is a design-focused Partial Planning package for the stylish and modern couple. With this package, couples get to book most of the vendors that involve eating delicious food, visiting gorgeous locations, and listening to their favorite songs.

Leave the floor plans, design renderings, custom builds, rental bookings, and production timelines to us. 

As event designers, we consider the architecture of your space, the mood of your vision, and the experience you want to create, and design a one-of-a-kind concept that guests will talk about for years to come. From exquisite tablescapes and florals, custom installations, ceremony and reception structures, and unique touchpoints throughout, every detail is deserving of thoughtful design and flawless execution.

We'll also handle the styling and coordination on the day of the event. 


Partial Planning -
Design + Coordination

  • Full event design concept and execution.

  • Design lookbook containing your color palette, mood board, renderings, mockups, and a breakdown of all your event's design and aesthetic elements. 

  • Custom venue layout and event floor plans.

  • We will select, book, and manage all design-based vendors such as florals, rentals, tabletop, linens, draping, lighting, signage, paper goods, cake, fabrications, and custom builds. 

  • You will be responsible for booking and contracting non-design vendors such as the venue, hotel block, catering, bartender, DJ, musicians, photo booth, hair and makeup, wardrobe, gifts, etc. - though we will assume management of all vendors 2 months prior to the wedding.

  • Unlimited e-mail and phone communications, and monthly design meetings. 

  • Professional development and management of your wedding design budget.

  • We execute our designs from start to finish, and provide a full styling and coordination team on the day of your wedding.

What's Included



The Faye Fern Creative team's coordinators are experts at perfecting those final details for couples who just need a little extra help before walking down the aisle!

We have the vendor connections, timeline and floor planning expertise, styling know-how, and next level organization skills to bring your vision to life. Our team is here to elevate your most special moments with pinpoint precision without you having to break a sweat. 

You'll also have access to all our secret wedding tips and tricks - and use of our emergency wedding day kits.

This package is perfect for couples who have booked their dream team and made most of their major wedding planning decisions, but need a hand to get them over the finish line. 

Wedding Coordination

  • 2 months wedding coordination package.

  • Unlimited client email communications. 

  • Unlimited client phone calls and vendor communications 60 days before the wedding. 

  • Access to our VIP vendor list.

  • Tailored vendor recommendations according to the client’s style and budget.

  • Custom venue and event floorplan.

  • Venue walk-through.

  • Creation and execution of your entire wedding day timeline.

  • Wedding rehearsal management.

  • Placement of personal decor and items.

  • Use of our wedding emergency kit and styling kit.

  • Wedding day styling and coordination - executed from start to finish.

What's Included


A La Carte

  • Venue Search

  • Special Event Planning (e.g. brand events and activations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

  • Proposal Planning

  • Engagement Party + Bach Party Planning

  • Wedding Shower or Baby Shower Planning

  • Rehearsal Dinner + Welcome Party Planning

  • Travel Planning + Hotel Block Management

  • Stationery Design

  • Welcome Bag Design + Gift Curation

  • Florals (we offer in-house florals for small weddings and events). 

  • Event Concierge

À La Carte Services



Natalie and the team at Faye Fern Creative did all the planning and design work for me and my wife's wedding this past month, and they did a PHENOMENAL job. Natalie's talent for designing and creating a timeless beautiful aesthetic is second to none. Her taste is impeccable, she has an attention to detail that you will deeply respect, and she will help you create a cohesive design that will have you and your guests blown away. From the ceremony design all the way down to the drapes and the cutlery, Natalie has a keen eye for creating a gorgeous yet comfortable/welcoming design. Everything she does is tasteful and creates that special atmosphere that makes a wedding so unforgettable and emotional. She will definitely help bring your vision to life. Lastly, I want to comment on Natalie's work ethic and dedication. From the first call we had with her all the way to the end of the wedding, I could trust that Natalie and her team were doing EVERYTHING in their power to make our wedding weekend the most special few days possible. Natalie has a deep passion for the work she does, and she will work tirelessly to bring your vision to life. Our wedding day was easily one of the greatest days of our lives, and that was in large part due to Natalie and her team's amazing work and preparation.

Andy Yeganegi, LA + Santa Barbara

To say that Faye Fern Creative exceeded all our wildest dreams is to put it lightly. Our wedding was a work of art thanks to Natalie Faye Fern, who is not only a creative mastermind but also an extraordinary person: intelligent, resourceful, kind, and a joy to be around. She works harder than anyone and goes above and beyond to make your vision come alive. Yet on our wedding weekend, her whole team made everything look totally effortless!! They were the picture of calm and brought the most warm and positive energy that our guests just fed off. They also gave us invaluable advice which we followed and it helped to keep us very organized. The decor took our breath away. We let Natalie run freely with the concepts she came up with and would tell any other couple to do the same! You won't regret it! I secretly feared that my wedding would never live up to what I hoped but when we stepped into our ceremony and reception, our jaws were on the floor the whole time. We could not believe this was our wedding because hoooooly hell. It's like Natalie knew exactly what we wanted without us even knowing it ourselves.

Melanie Quinn, New York

I am endlessly grateful that I booked Natalie for our wedding. I feel so fortunate that she is in our lives and designed the most unimaginably beautiful wedding for us. Not only was our wedding more stunning, special, and unique than we could have hoped for, it was also flawlessly executed from start to finish. Everyone was so impressed with how seamlessly the day came together and with all the charming details at every turn. The venue told us it was one of the most gorgeous weddings they had ever had there. Throughout the process, Natalie kept coming up with ideas to make the wedding more meaningful to us and our guests. We felt that she truly understood who we were and our needs. She was incredibly patient with us all year and always kept her cool. We are incredibly lucky because we cannot imagine our wedding day without her involved!

Anna Cohen, Hudson Valley

Our wedding was perfect in every way because of Natalie and I am beyond grateful for the countless hours she put in to planning, designing and contracting to ensure we felt that way. Our venue was beautiful in itself and Natalie’s design truly elevated it. The tables were stunning (multiple people commented on it) without being over the top. The best part about working with Natalie was how calm she always was.  I know behind the scenes she was working a ton but she never let on and never transferred any of that stress. I was able to show up on my wedding day without a care in the world because I had the utmost confidence she had taken care of everything. There was no better feeling than being able to be present and celebrate with my new husband and all of our family and friends.

Ashleigh Forsell,  Australia + New York

Hands down, Faye Fern Creative was our favorite wedding vendor. We could not have trusted our day to a more talented, caring, experienced, and fully dedicated team. Natalie rescued us from making several bad decisions with her sage advice and I am not embarrassed to admit that things could have turned out quite disastrous for us if we had been left to plan our own wedding without her expertise. It should also be said that Natalie’s design genius is nothing short of inspiring. She came up with our perfect color palette and wedding design even though most of the inspiration photos I sent her were of travel, fashion, and interiors that I liked. I told her I didn’t have much saved in terms of weddings and she just said “No problem, I absolutely love that. We don’t want your wedding to look exactly like someone else’s anyway!” and went right to work, coming up with such a gorgeous design that fit who we are. We could not recommend Faye Fern Creative any more highly. If you are looking for a designer or planning team who will exceed every expectation and feel like supportive lifelong friends, this is it. We are so, so, so very happy!

Emily Chan, Los Angeles

Working alongside Natalie from Faye Fern Creative has been an absolute joy, and I have no doubt that her future clients will be thrilled with the level of creativity, expertise, and professionalism she brings to everything she designs and plans. Her kindness and attentive, high touch approach make clients feel supported throughout the entire process.

Natalie engages in every project with an acute attention to detail, unwavering dedication to her craft, and commitment to the extraordinary. From concept to execution, she has an innate ability to translate the unique personalities of her clients into cohesive and stunning designs. With Faye Fern Creative at the helm, I trust that your most special day will be both beautiful and captivating.

Valorie Darling Photography

What can we say? Natalie knocked it out of the park and we could not recommend anyone more highly. The first wedding planner we hired let us down so we had some trust issues going into this, but very quickly after we started working with Natalie, we found ourselves just saying YES to everything because she was killing it. She is a gifted artist and her designs are exquisite! Our vendors, family, and friends also loved working with Natalie and her team, and our only regret was not booking her from the start. My (now) wife and I couldn't believe how easy everything felt once Natalie came on board. She never even blinked when we had to make a major change in plans due to family issues, and handled everything while keeping us on track with the same timeline. To say that she exceeded all expectations is to put it lightly. 

Steven Lee, Los Angeles

Natalie becomes your wedding bestie from the second you meet her. She is warm, kind, and instantly makes you feel cared about - all while being incredibly professional and stellar at what she does.  She has a natural instinct for understanding her clients' style, which made her designs feel completely aligned with our vision every step of the way. She comes up with these mindblowing ideas that you can't help falling in love with, because it's like what you dreamed about - only 100 times better than you could have ever imagined! Her team was also wonderfully organized and just the sweetest. They'll feel like your friends too by the end of it all! We felt heard, cared for, and well guided, and never had a doubt that we were in the most excellent hands.

Jen Clark, Colorado

We had the pleasure of working with Natalie and her team for our large Indian wedding, and we couldn't be more thrilled with how everything turned out. Natalie is detail oriented, organized, and demonstrated exceptional creativity to bring our vision to life. Her ideas throughout the planning process were innovative and perfectly aligned with what we wanted.

Managing a guest count of our size is no small feat, but Natalie handled it with ease and professionalism. She was incredibly proactive, ensuring every detail was addressed well in advance. Her ability to navigate the complexities of our wedding and incorporate modern touches while still respecting our traditional customs was truly impressive.

Thanks to Natalie and her team, our wedding was everything we dreamed of and more! We highly recommend her team to anyone looking for a wedding planner.

Manickam Manickam + Abinaya Thenappan,

Natalie and her team were literal lifesavers. She helped me deal with difficult vendors, crazy timelines, and changed venues. She was always responsive to my emails and texts and always available to hop on a call when things were hectic. She was extremely professional and I could tell she had years of experience but on top of that she was always warm and easy to talk to. She really helped me bring my vision for the wedding to life (I'm honestly still in shock that we managed it!).

Natalie, Daniel, and Eugenia were such a joy to work with and we are so incredibly grateful for their hard work!

David Cho, Atlanta

Honestly, everything was a dream. So the day of, when we arrived at the venue, we were like, "What?! This is our wedding?!?!" It was unbelievable. The styling choices from Natalie, our planner, of furniture rentals to the tablecloths, forks and candles was so, so beautiful.

Duan Mackenzie, LA + NYC

Natalie and her team are incredible - my wedding ended up being a lot more complicated than we initially thought but she made it all work. She was always responsive to emails, texts, and calls and was on top of everything. She also saved our lives with vendor recommendations when ones that we booked ourselves fell through or refused to provide certain services.

She is extremely experienced but still very approachable and warm, so I never felt uncomfortable or judged during the planning process.

My husband and I still can't believe how amazing our wedding day turned out and truly enjoyed working with Natalie, Daniel, and Eugenia. I can't stress enough how highly I recommend Faye Fern Creative, whether it's for full planning, partial planning, or coordination.

Emily Felouzis, Rancho Palos Verdes

Natalie, what a treat it was to work with you this year! Truly, such a highlight of 2023. Thank you for creating such an amazing day and letting us flower up your gorgeous designs. You and the whole Faye Fern Creative team are a delight to design with!

Going Steady Studios, Los Angeles